How to Pull a Frontside 180

by Jeep56
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How to Pull a Frontside 180



Have you ever dreamed of carving up the slopes on your snowboard the way Shaun White does? Start small by learning simple tricks, such as a frontside 180 off of a rail. Follow these directions to learn how to pull off this easy, yet impressive, maneuver!

First, you’ll need to find a beginner rail in the terrain park that is not too high (no more than twelve inches off of the ground). There’s no need to be a hero. Falling off of a twelve-inch rail hurts a lot less than flopping off of a rail that’s three feet high.

Next, start your approach from about thirty yards before the rail to get enough speed. Crouch slightly as you come closer to the lip of the rail and get ready to turn. Focus on your timing.

Just before you hit the lip of the rail, pop your board up and turn 180 in midair. Land flat on the rail with your board. Landing flat is important because one end of your board landing before the other will throw off your balance.

Now grind that you’re on the rail, grind like you are riding on snow. Keep your board parallel to the rail and maintain your balance. It’s important not fight the grind; if you start to slide off to the side, just go with it and hop off of the rail safely.

Finally, at the end of the rail, make another 180 turn and land with both feet simultaneously. Make sure both feet land at the same time, or your board could slip out from under you!

That’s all there is to it! If you can master simple tricks like the frontside 180, you’ll be taking home X-Games gold in no time!



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