How To Make The World A Better Place

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How To Make The World A Better Place

Kids shouldn't work for education but receive it for free!

Three ways to help protect the environment is to:- Save energy and not waste by saving hot water. - Deal with pollution, to not litter or to plant a tree when one tree has been cut down.- Use public transport rather than using a car to save natural gas but also not to pollute.

The Environment

How To Make The World A Better Place?

Three ways to help improve the bond between all of us is to:- Organise more festivals celebrating different types of cultures.- Having Student exchange programs to give students the opportunity to explore.- Building different types of Religious buildings as everyone has different religions.


Three ways to help the people who are in need of help is to: - Provide the main essentials (a shelter, clothing etc...) for the people who need it.- Give children an proper education for free and not making them work for it. - Improve the access to drinkable water. This makes a big difference in the people's health.

Helpings Others

In Order to make the World a better place, helping others who need help, protecting the environment and learning about people's culture are possibilities the population can help improve the society.


We have the power to make a change once and for all, why not act now?


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