How to Make a rocket

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How to Make a rocket

How to make a rocket

Trigger Questions



Our Equipment


What did we do?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

The canister will fly up into the air.

Rockets are cylinders full of materials which can produce gases. They are sometime used for signalling; sending space machines with great forces into the air to get outside earth's gravity.A jet of gases realeased from the back of the rocket gives the rockets its energy to 'blast off'.

The canister comes away from the lid with force from the chemical reaction between the tablet and the water. The canister then flew up into the air.

1) Attach the tablet (one-quarter to one-half) to the inside of the lid of the film canister.2) Put water into the canister until itis about one-quarter full.3) Put the lid (+tablet) on the canister and turn it upside down. 4) Wait!


What happened & Why?

Safety TipsKeep well back from the canister as the lid can take off with some force and could damage eyes and faces. This activity is probably best done outside.

Experiement Idea from: Discover Primary Sccience and Maths.


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