How to make a graph

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How to make a graph

How to make a graph

1. Collect how long your plant is every other day2. When you reach Day 15 you may create a graph3. Go to the Create a Graph Website4. Choose a line or bar graph (whichever you prefer)5. Label the graph, X and Y axis under the data tab4. Insert the # of days you have and fill in the chart labeled item 1 - item 8, along with there values5. Change to your color choice and name your group6. Change the font and font size to your choice 7. Select preview and make changes if you choose to. 8. Once complete print out your graph

Bad examples

Good Examples: Theses show the progress our plants are making as well as labeled the correct way. The one to follow as a guide should be the upper right side bar graph. Can you spot what is wrong with all of the others?

Good examples

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Bad Examples: Theses are the wrong types of graphs we need to use to measure the rate of how fast our plants are growing.


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