How to be Successful in the Workplace

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How to be Successful in the Workplace

Success In The WorkplaceSuccess in the workplace can mean several things for any worker. A promotion, a raise, finding self-satisfaction, and holding a stable job are all variations of success in the workplace.Success in the workplace is just like goal setting and achievements within a work environment. Aiming to achieve something that the worker, coworkers or employer can be proud of or providing a better work environment.To be successful in the workplace, one must use and obtain essential and transferable skills, as well as keeping a growth mindset and be a willing worker.

In order to be successful you must have essential skills:Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Oral Communication,Working with Others, Thinking, Technology and Continuous Learning

1) Practice and learn the job.2) Apply your skills to your work.3) Keep an open mind.4) Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!5) Be persistant!

Steps in Being Successful:

How to beSuccessful

In the Workplace:

Emily Plummer

Skills You Need




No skills will help you be successful until you set your mind to it. Determination and hard work is key to being successful


Time Management

You cannot be successful until you have set a GOAL. Your achievements are your SUCCESS

Success is rated on a personal level. YOU are in charge of your OWN success

Transferable skills that come from parenting, home, school and previous work are necessary in being successful


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