How To Be A Museum Curator

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How To Be A Museum Curator

To Be a Museum Curator

You must be..


"A Day in The Life"

How is this a chemistry carreer? This a chemistry carreer because it requires chemistry-based activities in daily performance. Much like a chemist, one of the main things that is required of a museum curator is to be thoroughly prepared for examination of the piece. The employee is expected to handle the old and fragile work with extreme caution because the oil and acid that our fingers produce could cause further chemical degration. Depending on the museum and the type of art(sculture, painting, drawing) expectations could range from a simple check for damage to a complete rebuilding with substitute materials.

Educational Steps to Take -volenteer at a musuem and closely observe as a highschooler -in addition to a college undergradtuate and graduate degree; it is highly recommened to get a Phd in a science related field

Facts on Productivity-"The Association of Art Museum Curators is a resource for curators to share experiences, best practices, and knowledge."-AAMC Foundation, publicaly reconnized internationally -A curator's annual wage will also usually be influenced by the size of a museum, however, annual salary is roughly $49,658 per year.-competition for the placement of the curator, definitly in a prostegious musuem is typically very fierce



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By Cori Cummings


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