How To Be A Good Citizen

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How To Be A Good Citizen

- Volunteer to be active in your community.- Be honest & trustworthy.- Follow rules & laws.- Respect the rights of others.- Be compassionate.- Be informed about the world around you. - Be a good neighbor.- Protect the environment.

Citizenship is the way the members of a group use their rights and carry out their responsibilities.

How To Be A Good Citizen



- A citizen is a member of a nation- Anyone born in the United States is a citizen of this country.- Some people who are born in different countries come to the United States and become citizens, too.

What is a citizen?

Our Rights

- We have the right to say what we think or feel.- We can worship how we choose.- We have the right to live.- We have the right to get an education.- We have the right to vote for whoever we please.

As students and adults we have certain responsibilites we must follow in order to be considered a good, active citizen: such as respecting our parents & teachers, completing our homework, recycling, attending school everyday. As adults we must vote to make our country a better place.

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Our First 10 Rights


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