How the World was Created from a Drop of Milk

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How the World was Created from a Drop of Milk

How the World was Created from a Drop of Milk

-Five important words from text:-Milk-Created-Elements-Proud-Defeated

The text tells the story of how the world was created according to the Fulani culture. The world was created from a drop of milk and from that the god Doondari created the elements. Doondari descends to Earth and from these elements, man was created. Man’s pride leads to the creation of man’s weaknesses. Each weakness becomes prideful leading to Doondari’s third descent in the form of Gueno, and he conquers death.

“And he shaped them into man.” (line 8)“But man was proud.” (line 9)“And he came as Gueno, the eternal one, and Gueno defeated death.” (lines 19 and 20)

Fulani culture

Five Interesting things about culture:-They were nomadic people who were primarily from western and central Africa.-Their religion is mainly labeled as Islam (99% of the people are Muslim).-They herd cattle, goats, and sheep across the vast and dry regions.-They worshiped a supreme, powerful god, (Doondari/ reborn as Gueno)-They remain to be the largest group of nomadic people in the world.


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