How Telephones Have Changed

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How Telephones Have Changed

How Telephones Have Changed

The evolution from the first telephone ever invented, to today's present day telephone.

Time Line


The first telephone made

The candlestick telephone was most commonly featured throughout the late 1890s to the 1940s. It was also referred to as a desk stand, an upright, or a stick phone. Candlestick telephones featured a mouth piece (transmitter) located at the top of the stand, as well as a receiver (ear phone) that was held by the user to the ear during a phone call.

As technology advances, phones have changed through size, shape, and structure. Nowadays, we can access the internet on our smartphones from virtually anywhere on the planet with access to cellular towers. Smartphones have evolved from touch screen, to watches, even to Google Glass. Smartphones have allowed us to stay constantly connected to the world.

A rotary dial is a component of a telephone utilizes a signaling technology in telecommunications known as pulse dialing. In order to dial using a rotary telephone, one would rotate the dial to the desired number, and then release.

During the 1980s, portable phones were like a small-scale cell phone. You were capable of speaking on your phone anywhere in your house. However, now that you can talk on your phone anywhere in the world, portable phones seem greatly outdated.

The first words ever spoken on the telephone belonged to the inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. When sound is transmitted, the speaker attached to the wide end of a funnel, is connected to a diaphragm, which is also connected to a rod. The vibrations caused by the voices in the rod maneuver up and down , causing electrical resistance.


The candlestick telephone


The rotary telephone



The portable telephone



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