How Technology Has Changed

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How Technology Has Changed

2300 BC

This tablet translated words from Sumerian to Akkadian and contrariwise. You didn`t had to open it like a book, you just read it as a regular piece of paper, except to use it, you needed a knowledge of either Akkadian or Sumerian language.

Akkadian Empire cuneiform tablet


How Technology Has Changed


This tablet was made of clay, on which later different words were squeezed out.Words on this tablet had a lots of different pronunciations.

Arithmometer was made by French mathematician Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar.Arithmometre was able only to add, divide, subtract, and do integer and decimal division.


Candlestick Telephone

Arithmometer were used to calculate simple adding, subtraction, division, and multiplication.


Mechanical Televisor

Mechanical Televisor was made by a Scottish engineer John Baird,. However, the fundamental component of mechanical televisor was made by Paul Nipkow.

Candlestick telephones were designed in a big amount of different styles.Candlestick tepephone wires was ranked by how good they tasted to mices and rats.

Candlestick telephone was used by people to communicate with each other easier. Sometimes people that used it were asking companies that were selling those telephones to make a private lines for them.


Iphone 6

Size of the display of Iphone 6 will be 4.7 and 5.5 inches.Rumors say that camera wil be improved on

Was made to show people pictures of the world around on a distance, and also to make a step forward to improving the technologies.

Used by people to watch videos, connect to people in differnt parts of the world, translate words and sentences, calculate different numbers., etc.


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