How technology has changed- The Radio

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How technology has changed- The Radio

The Invention

By: Noor Al Nader

How technologie has changed-The radio

Marconi operating apparatus similar to that used by him to transmit the first wireless signal across the Atlantic Ocean, 1901

The 20th century

Rotary Gap transmitter at Brant Rock, MA (1906)

The idea of wireless communication predates the discovery of ``the radio" with experiments in wireless telegraphy from captive induction and transmission through the ground, water and even train tracks in the 1830s. Guliemo Marconi invented what he called ``wireless telegraphy," he used radio waves to transmit Morse code, and the instrument he used became known as the radio. Marconi set-up lond distance demonstrations using a Tesla oscillator to transmit the signals accross th English channels.

In 1995 German Scientest Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of radio waves, which occur in nature.


In 1990 Landell de Moura conducted the first experiments to transmit the human voice wirelessly. The next advancement was the vacum tube detector, invented by Westinghouse engineer. On Christmas Eve 1906, Reginald Fessenden used a sychronous rotary-spark transmitted for first radio program broadcast.

Nowadays you are able to listen to the radio on your way to work in your car and on your smart phone you can listen to hundreds of diffrent stations, ones that play music, local news, sports etc. Simply by connecting to the app on your phone in the palm of your hands.


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