How Technology Changed During The Medieval Times

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How Technology Changed During The Medieval Times

How Technology Changed During The Medeival Times

What technology including weapons and every day used things improved during the Middle Ages. In what order? Most importantly WHEN?

Middle Ages Technologies Timeline

5th Century

Heavy wheeled prough was invented to carry foods when farming visiting this website you will find how art during the Middle Ages changes technologically

On the image to the left you can observe how swords developed over time. When the 100 Years War advanced, it was observed that people started to mostly use gun powder and swords weren't actually popular after that

On the right you can recognize a video telling you about the war technology during the Middle Ages. It also observes other technological evry day used items that were created during the Middle Ages.

Technology such as the heavy plough which helped carry food, the Tridal Mill helping store water, and the Hourglass which was used for court and assembly's, inspired today's aqueducts and various other kinds of technology. website has a selection of games, focusing majorly on the Middle Ages. We would suggest playing Medeival Wars, since it teaches how knights looked like in battle and how they stratagized. article shows some of the technology that was invented over the course of the Middle Ages, showing you what change happened

6th Century

Horse Collar, Tidal Mills (helped store water), and silk was founded

9th Century

Horshoes were invented allowing horses to travel around Europe

12th Century

13th Century

Magnets, Mirrors( invetned for surgery use), and a compass were discovered during this century

Paper spread from China to Europe by Islamic Spain, wich then lead to discovering the paper mill (water powerd). Arabic numerals, and the wheel(for sowing) was also founded.

FUN FACT:The wheel was invented somewhere in the 5th century because of the heavy wheeled prough, but people into considration to use the wheel for sowing in 13TH century!

You will see on the picture above an image of how armour differed during the Middle Ages. Some of the armour here however is not from diffrent time periods, but for diffrent events

This is a musical enhancment called the Gregorian Chant, technologically involving wooden instruments


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