How technologie has changed- The Telephone

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How technologie has changed- The Telephone

Electrical devices

By: Noor Al Nader

The acoustic tin can telephone(1667)

How technologie has changed-The telephone

Before electromagnetic telephones, the acoustic tin can telephone has been around for centuries. It connects two diaphragms with a taut string or wire, a transmission of mechanical vibrations from one to the other along the wire.

The telephone emerged from the making of the electrical telegraph. The electrical telegraph is a telegraph that uses electrical signals, usually conveyed via dedicated telecommunication lines or radio. In 1804 Catalan Polymath and scientest Francisco Salva Campillo constructed on electrochemical telegraph. An electromagnetic telegraph was created by Baron Schilling in 1832.

A printing electrical telegraph receiver, with transmitter key at the bottom right.

Before the Invention (1667)

The IBM Simon Personal Communicator, often referred to as the first smartphone ever. A prototype of it was first introduced in 1992, but it wasn't until two years later when BellSouth Cellular released the handset in the U.S. Smart phones nowadays are more functional then computers with this compact and miniture touch screen device you are now able to access calenders, send and receive messages as well as emails, take pictures and videos and an endless number of apps for any of your interests. The biggest advancements in technologie is in the telephone industry.

The 20th century


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