How popcorn is a chemical reaction

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How popcorn is a chemical reaction

Luc Prefontaine

Surface area Another way to make the reaction slower is to increase the surface area. By doing that, there are less collisions because the atoms have more room to move around.

Concentration You can slow down the reaction by adding less popcorn. When there is less popcorn, there are going to be less collisions, which means slower reactions

Temperature By turning down the temperture, less collisions will occur between the atoms. When there are less collisions, there is less popcorn being popped.

How popcorn is a chemical reaction Inside the kernels there is 18% water. When the kernels heat up, the water will boil, and it will turn into a gas. When the gas pushes against the shell, it explodes. As the steam runs through the fibers that makes up the kernels, it unravels the cellulose strands and fluffs them into the popcorn that we eat. Here are ways to slow down the reaction.

How Popcorn is a chemical reaction


How you can slow down the reaction


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