How My Family Lives In America

by ElizabethCoomer
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How My Family Lives In America

Instructions1. Listen to as you read along the strategy on pgs. 170 & 171. Do numbers 1 & 2. 2. Listen to as you read along to pgs. 172 & 173 and complete the write part on pg. 173. 3. Complete the LZ lessons. 4.Listen to the story as you read along on pg. 174. Read it on your own also without the audio.5. Write a descriptive paraghraph using ten of your spelling words. (you should have at least 5 sentences in you paraghraph). 6. Read the level readers assigned to you.7. Use discovery education as part of your research for the seatwork assigment and turn in the papers for your groups book by Friday. 8. You will use BoardBuilder on Discovery Education to post your information. Make interesting and fun to read! 8. Post everything else on this Glog such as spelling and vocabulary.9. Take your test on Friday!AS ALWAYS...DO YOUR BEST AND HAVE FUN!5.


listen to the story

Click here to read the level readers and to take your test of Friday.

LZ1614LZ1615LZ 1617


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