How Junk food affects the body

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How Junk food affects the body

How does junk food affect our bodies?

What is considered “junk” food?According to Kenneth M. Oral, “Junk food is a term used for foods that taste good, are high in calories and quick to prepare, and have little nutritional value. While most people have their own list of foods that they would consider junk food, it generally refers to foods that are high in sugar (such as soda pop, candy, ice cream and most pastries), high in fat (particularly, saturated fat—such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, french fries and most fried foods) and high in salt.” I like this quote because it informs us about what is considered junk food so we can monitor how much we eat. I also like this because it was from a reliable source. The site is a .org and it has a lot of good information in it.

Q&AHow does junk food harm your brain?If you eat a lot of junk food, your brain gets addicted and craves it. Then you want to eat more which is why people get diabetes and fat because they can’t stop eating; they want to satisfy their brains.Why is junk food so bad for you?Junk food doesn’t give kids, and adults, the proper nutrition and vitamins that they need in their food. It only makes them have a boost of energy, then very sluggish if they eat too much. It can even make people addicted to junk, which makes the do bad things to get it.How does eating junk food everyday affect your daily life?It can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, diabetes, and asthma, even to children! This means that you will gain weight, and you can get really sick, and that might affect your Can junk food be good/ help you?Yes, but only if you monitor it. It can give you a burst of energy, but only for a little while. If you eat too much, you will start to be tired and sleepy, even if you got enough or even more than enough rest.


My SMART GoalMy goal is to not eat junk food on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of October and to inform others in Mrs. Husome’s 1st period health class on how junk food affects our bodies. I will know I have completed half of my goal when 3 people have looked and learned something from my nutrition glogster.

By Hannah Reynolds


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