How Japan's Culture Changed- Kennedy and Sadie

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How Japan's Culture Changed- Kennedy and Sadie

Adjusting Japan

- Shintoism was the national religion - The religion emphasized the importance of ancestors- Religion was part of the school curriculum - Oligarchy believed that the same belief system would unite the country- Government hoped Buddhism and Confucianism would be discarded- No matter what the government dictated many people still practised Buddhism and Confucianism - Eventually Buddhism was allowed to be a religion because the government couldn't stop the people from practising it

This a present day culture festival in Japan.

This is a Japanese Shinto Shrine where Shinto followers will go to pray at shrines.

Bunmei kaika means civilization of the enlightenment and risshin shusse means be a success. These were mottos to promote the idea that if Japan was going to succeed then the individual had to succeed. Newspapers began to write about individualism, the goods and the bads of it. A new sense of nationalism emerged because the Meiji government had failed to renegotiate the unequal treaties. There was fear that Japan was losing its identity because the move to Western lifestyle had gone too far. A group of Japanese writers wrote about the importance of retaining Japanese traditional values.



Japan's ideas of citizenship and participation also changed. As the education increased and the class hierarchy was dismantling, peasants had a chance to become involved in more than daily concerns. When they believed they were treated unfairly, many became strong lobbyists and wrote letters of protest to the government. If this was during the Tokugawa Era, it would have been unheard of to lobby the government or to complain. During that period, no individuals would have felt they had the right to demand more. That is why these new attitudes shocked and scared the Meiji leaders who still believed there was a need for strict government control over the country.


Geisha's are a big part of Japan's culture and can be used as a symbol of their culture.


Kennedy and Sadie



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