How it all began Holocaust

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How it all began Holocaust

In 1933, the Great Depression after WWI caused Germany's economy to be debt. There money had become of no value; it would take them years to actually pay off what they owed for the damages. Germany was in desperate need for somebody to ressurect the country from despair.

Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933, it was time to put his project to work. He began with the German youth; they were the hope for the future Germany that he had promised to the society. He rebuild schools, factories, and created the Nazi government. Germany's army was consistently growing as the economy causing the least of any trouble.

How It All Began...

The United States ResponseNot many American citizens wanted the USA to get involved in WWII, b/c of the Depression it was no time for us to play hero. The media, Jewish occuptions were trying to captivate the audiences attention toward the Holocaust. It's not to say antisemitism was beginning to grow in the USA; with influence on the youth. The bombing at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 FINALLYYY FINALLLYYYYY forced the US join the Allies in war. Revenge had becomed mandatory, but first Germany had to be stopped before Hitler could do any damage. In 1945, prisoners of the Nazi nation were finally liberated of their horror.

Antisemitism was at its peak after the night of "Kristallnacht", anything and everthing that Jews owned in Germany was destroyed. Millions of propaganda was being published by the media to persuade society that the Jews were "a danger to the German Purity." Each Jew had to where the star of David on their clothes, and forced to live in compact areas called "Ghettos."

Men, and women were seperated from each other when being brought to concentration camps. The camps consisted of JEWS,COMMUNISTS, HOMOSEXUALS,GYPSIES,AND HANDICAPPED. Everyday they were worked and starved to death. Gas Chambers were built near the camps to exterminate the race.

"If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the Revolution."