How is glass made?

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Cycles & Processes

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How is glass made?

lime stone- once the miners have found a rock in the mine, workers break up the rock by bench drilling into the mine's limestoneface and then detonating the rock with explosives

How are the materials transported?

How glass is made?

What raw materials are used?

How are materials removed from earth?

Soda ash- Sodium carbonate is well known domestically for its everyday use as a water softener. It can be extracted from the ashes of many plants growing in sodium-rich soils, such as vegetation from the Middle East, kelp from Scotland and seaweed from Spain

Sand- it's made when rocks or shells break into tiny pieces. over time, rock is broken down by water, wind, and ice. it takes thousands or millions of years to create sand. So they could of gottin it from a river stream, ocean, or a lake.

How are the materials processed?

the batching begins when the materials are moved, weighted, and mixed, and sent to the melting furnace. the batch of materials is combined with cullet and melted to form a liquid glass. as the combination of batch materials eneters the furnace, pre-heated air is pumped into the chamber by fans. the air is combined with jet streams of natural gas, which in turn produce torch like flames and cause it to react and melt in minutes.

Cooling stage- once that is done they move on to the cooling stage which occurs with series of water coolers in the cool end of the float bath. then the glass is carefully lifeted out of the liquid tin and on to conveyer rolls.

In the United States, lime is produced in a number of states. production annually. In addition, lime is imported from Canada and Mexico. Other nations producing lime include Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Deposits of sodium carbonate are found in large quantities in the United States, China, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, India, Egypt, South Africa and Turkey.

deposits of sand are found in United States, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and the list goes on. Canada is 22nd.

What countries produce this resources?

Where are the costumers ?

glass is sold everywhere. we need it in our everyday lives. For an example Corona beer company needs the glass to make thier beer bottles. Corona is a very popular beer to drink for the summertime even for winter too.