[2015] mina abell: How humans have impacted the Anacostia river

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[2015] mina abell: How humans have impacted the Anacostia river

It is true that the Anacostia River has so many pollutants in it that you can neither swim or fish in the river. Also you can't drink the river water.

How Humans Have Impacted The Anacostia River

Help the Anacostia River by going to a local stream or creek in the watershed and picking up any visible trash and waste.

It is sad that the the Anacostia river is home to many endangerd speices such as the bald eagle.

You can see lots of pollution in the Anacostia River such as,styrophome,oil,and some times even shopping carts.

The Middle of the Anacostia River.

In the Anacostia River,humans have dissrupted the river such as polluting and endangering speices.

sourcesAnacostia Watershed society,WAMU,National Geographic,Images from image Quest

the shore of the Anacostia River

So many people impact the Anacostia River,mabey even you.

by Mina Abell

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