How healthy are you?

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Health & Fitness

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How healthy are you?



To keep healthy you should:

1. Have breakfast every day;2. Eat healthy food;3. Drink fresh milk or water;4. Do some sport; 5. Sleep every day;6. Go for a walk every day;7. Wash and clean your tooth every day;8. Laugh and smile.

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How healthy are you?

If you have cold? You should drink tea with lemon. Garlic and onion are good a food.If you have cut?Wash it and put a plaster on it.If you have flu and temperature?Drink a lot of water, tea and chicken soup. Sleep a lot and stay home from school.

If you have broken your arm or leg? Stay calm and call for help. Put bandage on it and get to hospital as quickly as you can.If you have burn?Put your arm under cold running water.


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