How Glow Sticks Work

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How Glow Sticks Work

Surface AreaThe reaction in a glow stick can happen faster by creating a bigger crack in the glass vial, releasing more hydrogen peroxide into the tube.


.ConcentrationYou can make the chemical reaction happen faster in a glow stick by having a smaller plastic tube and a smaller glass vial, so that there is less empty area in the glowstick.

How Glow Sticks Work

Chemical Reactions in Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

What is Inside of a Glow Stick?Glow sticks are made by placing a fragile glass tube with hydrogen peroxide inside of a bigger plastic tube with a fluorescent dye solution and a phenol oxalate ester.

TemperatureWhen you heat up a light stick, it will result in a brighter light however it will not last as long. When you cool down a light stick, less light will be given off, but it will last longer.

Homemade Glow Sticks


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