How Earth Moves

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How Earth Moves

How Earth Movesby: Ashahli Edwards

Everyday you know the Sun rises and sets. You probably think the Sun is moving, when actually the Earth is moving. This is because the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun, while the Sun is just sitting there. Read more to see how our planet moves at the same routine everyday.

RotationThe Earth rotates on its axis. An axis is an imaginary line that splits through the North and South Pole. The Earth rotates for 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. The Earth rotates from west to east, counter-clockwise from 15 degrees of longitude/hour. Earth's rotation makes daily changes like constellations, and the motion change of the Sun , Moon, and stars. One side of the Earth may have sulight, while the other may not. This makes day and night.

The Earth revolves around the Sun for 365.26 days. Earth's revolution causes patterns; in summer days are longer and winter days are shorter. Spring and fall are in between. This is because one Hemisphere may get more sunlight than the other on one half of the Sun. For example, the Northern Hemisphere leans toward the Sun and the Southern Hemisphere leans way from the Sun. If the Earth didn't tilt, we would have the same season all year.

So now we all know the difference between revolutions and rotations. A revolutuion is the orbit pathway around the Sun in 365.26 days.A rotation is Earth's spin around its axis is 24 hours. Earth travels 940 kilometers per year. Earth's speed is 30 km/s. Both Earth's revolution and rotation causes equinoxes and solstices. All of this information shows that just because the Sun looks like it's moving doesn't mean it actually is.





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