how does your body move

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Human Anatomy

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how does your body move

How Does Your Body Move?

Your body is an amazing machine that that does more than any robot we can build today. Your body digests food, fights diseases, heals injuries, senses its environment, and much, much more. One of the most important things it does is allow you to move through your environment. Your body allows you to work, play, exercise, walk, write, and make all the other moments you need to get through your day. But how does your body do it? Explore this page to find out…

Watch this video of a walking robot and think:Why is it so hard to make a robot walk like a human?

What parts of their body allow these gymnasts to move?

The importance of a good foundation

The skeletal system provides the foundation of all the body's movements. While watching these videos think about what life would be like without a skeleton!

Click the image above to test your new knowledge of how the skeletal and muscular system mork together to get you moving!

Muscles: Pulling Your Bones to Get You Moving

Whether it's everyday movements or a life or death emergency, your muscles work together to pull the bones in your body to generate movement.

So, How Does a Muscle Pull on a Bone?

Watch this video to get a better understanding of how muscles actually pull to create movement. These videos are very detailed, don't worry if you don't understand it all.

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