[2015] Yareli Reyes: How Does a Bill Become a Law

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[2015] Yareli Reyes: How Does a Bill Become a Law

How Does a Bill Become a Law? How is the President Elected through Electoral College?

1. An idea is typically symbolized by a light bulb. A constituent must come up with a idea that is then called a bill; a constituent is a voting member of a community.

Crash Course: How a Bill Becomes a LawThis crash course goes into depth about the many way that a bill can die, and how it can be passed as a law. It depicts how a bill starts out as an idea created by constituents, an interest group, or congressman, then how it must be referred to the committee. It explains what Closed and Opened Rules are. A bill must be passed by both Senate and the House in order to be sent to the president. It defined filibusters and pocket vetoes. It also stated how a bill can become a law without the president's signature

SchoolHouse Law: How a Bill Becomes a LawThis is a 1976 Schoolhouse rock song created to demonstrate how a bill becomes a law. The song was made that it was also catchy. The Bill in this song is actually for the law that school buses must stop at railroad crossings. The song explains how the bill has to go through congress and how it can be vetoed. it stresses the fact that it takes a long time for a bill to become law.

This diagram demonstrates the steps a bill goes through to become a law in more depth. According to this diagram, there is 11 steps.

Instructor Describes How a Bill Becomes a Law:This video is of an instructor that goes into depth with the schoolhouse rock song. He explains how an idea comes from a constituent, political party, or upper elected officials. Then how it is handed down through each stage, for example from the House of Representatives to Leadership, Committee, etc. He also explains when the bill can die.

How is the President Voted through Electoral College?The Electoral College consists of a group of people (people from each state of the U.S) who formally elect the president and vice president of the united states. The person that gets 270 votes first, automatically becomes president. 538 Senate and House members make up the Electoral College. A Swing State votes for one political and then switches on the next election, while a Safe State votes for one political party in almost all elections. They're important because one could predict who will be elected. I understand The Electoral College voting process that helped determine the President of the United States because most of the winning states voted for Obama.

2. After a constituent has created a bill, it is referred to a committee. The comittee analyzes the bill carefully and determines whether it is appropriate to be sent to the subcomittee where it needs to be approved, in order to be sent to Senate.

4. The House of Represenatives debates/votes on the bill. If the House of Representatives approve as well as Senate, it is introduced to the Governer by the Speaker of the House; the Speaker of the House sets the rule for debate and does not get to take sides while there is a debate.

3. Senate debates/votes on the bill; a member of Senate has the right to filibuster, which means they have the ability to debate as long as they wish.

5. If the Governer approves of the bill and signs it, it becomes a law; if he does not approve of the bill, he has the right to veto it. Veto power gives the president the right to not pass the bill and send it back to legislature with his reasons of objection.


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