How do you teach learners at the PreK-3 levels?

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How do you teach learners at the PreK-3 levels?

How do you teach learners at the PreK-3 levels?

To be an effective literacy educator you need these important things:- Print rich environment - Flexible groupings- Differentiation- Technology- Various outlets for exressing learning and thinking- Vivid discussions(Laureate Education, 2014a)

Remember where your heart is and watch this inspirational video!

Show your students how much fun reading can be!!

Encourage any form of written language from students (drawings, symbols, parts of words, made up spellings)(Ray, 2010)

Provide a variety of texts that range within these three arenas:Narrative-InformationalLinguistic-SemioticHard-Easy(Laureate Education, 2014a)

Must do's:- Teachers and students working together- Develop literacy across disciplines- Connect school to students lives- Engage students in rigor and challenging activities- Dialogue over lecture(Laureate Education, n.d.)

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Get to know who your students are as learners and as people and then provide choices that cater to thier interests. (Tomlinson, 2010)

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