How do I teach learners at the pre-k to 3 levels

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Elementary School
Beginning Readers

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How do I teach learners at the pre-k to 3 levels

*Working on reading muscles*More laborous - reads word by word*Working on becoming automatic*Getting better at decoding*Read outloud*Point to words as they read

*Birth through Pre-k*Don't understand how stories happen*Make up stories in books*Pretend writing

How do I teach learners at the pre-k to 3 levels?

Beginning Readers

Emergent Readers

Refer to The Five Pillars1. Phonemic Awareness2. Phonics3. Vocabulary4. Fluency5. ComprehensionBonus: Writing

Get to know students on a personal level:We don't teach grades, subjects, or texts. We teach students.

When teaching students, we must:

Use the 4 part assessment process:1. Observation2. Documentation3. Interpretation4. Evaluation and Planning

Consider text complexity:*Use literacy matrix*Consider readability, text length, text structure, size of print, visual supports, etc.

Include writing and interpret it frequently:*Mechanics*Quality of Ideas*Depth of Expression*Length*Volume

Work hard to avoid the 4th Grade Slump:*Focus on informational texts early in the year.*Teach text structure*Teach skills for reading informational texts.


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