How Do Astronauts Live In Space?

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How Do Astronauts Live In Space?

How Do Astronauts Live In Space?

- Hard to sleep in no gravity- Own little cabin- Reading shelf and desktop- Important that cabins are well ventilated- Eight hours of sleep- Can use eyeshades or pull down shutters to block out sun- Use a alarm clock or music broadcast from earth- A sleeping bag strapped to the wall- Cramped space


- Two hours- Easier to re adapt to normal gravity- If they dont exercise .Bones .Heart .Lungswill get weaker when there is no gravity- Treadmill- ergometer- Strap themselves to it

Keeping Fit

Going To The Toilet

- A lot more different than normal toilets- Designed differently- Foot restraints (for sitting)- Toe bar (for standing)- Flowing air instead of flowing water to flush- Designed like a vacuum cleaner- Air pulls waste from their body and stores it in a waste tank- Male and Female's use the same toilet- 10 cm opening

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- Dirty living can spread germs- Germs multiply faster in space- Washing up can be a challenge- Own hygiene kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, comb and a razor- Change clothes every two days- Change pants every week- No washing machine- Dirty clothes in plastic bag and throw it away- They clean utensils with wet wipes- Regular toothbrush and toothpaste

Keeping Clean

- Drinks are packaged as dehydrated powders- Three meals a day- Periodic snacks- Pepper, tomato sauce, mustard and mayonaise are on board the space station- Food gets sent up to space from earth

Eating In Space


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