How did Sputnik open space exploration

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How did Sputnik open space exploration

who is laika

Launched on October 4, 1957, Sputnik 1 was what iniated the "race to space" between the US and the Soviet Union. It was the first object to orbit Earth that was made by man. During the 3 months it was in orbit, Sputnik 1 provided data on radio-signal in the ionosphere. Aside from this, it was able to detect meteors and report the density high in the atmosphere. Sputnik 1's great success set the stage for Sputnik 2.

Sputnik 2, launched on November 3, 1957, was the second spacecraft to orbit Earth and the first to carry a living creature. Sputnik 2 was rather small, it had a base diametere of 6.6ft and a total height of 13ft. It was designed in the shape of a cone with a separate compartment for Laika, the passenger. However, she only had enough room to stand or lie down.

Laika was a stray mutt discovered in the forests of the Soviet Union. It's a mystery what this 13lb dog was a mix between, but it's commonly speculated that she is some sort of terrier. With 3 other dogs, she underwent training for the Sputnik mission. She had to get used to harness and being confined in small spaces, as well as getting used to the loud noises of the spacecraft

Although Sputnik 2 was originallyplanned to orbit for 10 days, sadly Laika only lived for a few hours. A component did not detach properly, causing the temperature control to fail. It was recorded the spacecraft reached a temperature of 104F . Due to exceedingly hot temperatures and stress from being weightless, Laika died scared, alone, and never loved.

Although the death was insignifigant, it is one of the most remembered in space history. What Laika helped prove is that it is possible to send life into space. Her mission would lead to other missions where animals are sent into space, thus perfecting future spacecrafts. Laika will always be remembered throughout history.

how did sputnik open space exploration



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