How did people learn to measurement

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How did people learn to measurement

Some of the earliest measurement tools go all the way back to the 3rd and 4th melenia in acient egypt where the used body parts and poles to measure rivers

How did people learn to measure?

In the 17th century in britan used surveryer's wheels to measure meters every time it clicks it means 1 meter

There used to be scales known as two pan balance a and you would put a certain amount of weights on one side and measure an item of some kind on the other

In the 16th centuary william bedwell made a device for making straight lines known as the ruler and today it comes in all diffrent shapes and sizes

In 1888 joseph belusic made the first speedometer just one year after the first petrol car to measure your speed an know it's used for many other vehicles like planes and boatsin 1775 the first odometer was made this invention was desinged to measure how long postal runs were and is know used to see how far vehicles have gone


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