How Chocolate is Made

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How Chocolate is Made

How Chocolate Bars are MadeBy: Morghen

Your chocolate bar starts out as a football shaped cacao pod, growing on a Theobroma cacao tree in Central or South America.

The pods are harvested by workers on the ground, using machetes or simply their hands.

The pods are cracked open, and then the sticky, oozing beans are left to ferment, which increases flavour and texture.

The fermented beans are now dried in the sun for about a week.

The beans now have a distinctive chocolaty flavour. They are ready to be shipped to factories across the world.

At the factory, the beans are roasted and cracked open, which leaves us with the "nibs"; the flaky inner pieces, as shown above.

The cacao nibs are ground into a thick paste called "chocolate liqour", which, contrary to the name, includes zero achohol.

Next, the bitter chocolate liquor is sweetened by milk, vanilla, sugar, and cocoa butter.Only now is the chocolate sweet enough to eat.

The liquid chocolate that has been stirred and mixed to perfection is poured into a mold, like the one you see below.

The chocolate is left to cool and harden. It is then wrapped carefully in layers of different colored foils.

This last picture shows the final product; chocolate bars. From Aero to Twix, from Snickers to Kit-Kat, chocolate bars come in all shapes and sizes. Bon Appetite!


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