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The use of fire was an important part of Aboriginal life, apart from its use in cooking. For example, it was used for hunting to drive wallaby or kangaroo into a trap. Particular parts of the bush were set alight in such a way that the wind would drive the fire towards a place where the hunters were waiting. The animals were driven into that area due to the fire and some could then be speared or clubbed as needed. Of course the Aboriginal people had to be careful not to let the fire get out of control and burn the animals or themselves. It took a lot of practise and skill to judge the right time and place to light the fire.

Fire plays a vital role in the life of an Aboriginal. The Aboriginals used fire in many different ways, some of these ways are still used today in the mordern world.Here are some ways the the Indigenous People would use fire.

- To cook or warm-up food.- To keep warm.- For dances, ceremonies, and celebration.- To signal other tribes, or others from their tribe.- To send messages to others far away.- To keep the snakes and mosquitoes away.

- To create small bush fires, because after a short bushfire, Australian trees, plants and crops grow very quickly. Animals from far away would come to eat the fresh crops, which was good for the aboriginals so they didn’t have to venture far to hunt.

FIRESTICK FARMINGFirestick Farming was anothere way the aborginal people used fire. Firestick farming is when Aboriginals would create a controlled fire to clear away a lot of bush and forest, so that it would make it easier for them to farm, and this would acttract animals so the men wouldn't have to leave the ribe to often.


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