How a model airplane works

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How a model airplane works

There are a lot of types of model airplanes, and each one works differently. There are two kinds: propelled powered and jet engine powered. The controls on a model airplane are pretty much the same as a real airplane. There are four main parts to a model airplane: the throttle, the elevator, the ailerons and the rudder. The throttle affects the speed of the airplane. As a result, the more throttle you apply, the faster the propeller spins, therefore the faster the plane goes. Model planes can go up to 563 km per hour. Therefore, you need to be careful when using the throttle because too much throttle can cause a crash because of the speed.Next, we will discuss the elevators. The elevators control something called "The Pitch" of the airplane. Changing the angle of these elevators will control whether the airplane goes up or down changes the pitch of the airplane, which is when the plane goes up and down. When you move the joystick up, the elevator goes down, which makes the plane go down, and when you move the joystick down, the elevator goes up and plane goes up. As a result, it can be a bit confusing. The ailerons, which are flaps located on the wings of the plane, control the roll of the plane. The roll controls which way the plane leans while it’s flying. It also allows the plane to do tricks while flying. For example, flying upside down, diving or pretending to spin out of control.The rudder, a vertical flap located on the tail of the plane, controls the yaw of the plane. It turns left and right. Therefore, the yaw controls which way the plane turns; left or right. In conclusion, all of the components of a model airplane such as the throttle, the elevator, the ailerons, and the rudder, all play a part in controlling the flight. They control the speed, the direction, the altitude, and the pitch of the plane. Once you learn how to control the various parts, flying your model airplane will be nothing but fun. By Alessio

How A Model Airplane Works



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