Housing Styles

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Housing Styles

Greek Revival:Defined by: Colums, sun rays, usually two-three stories, lots of windows, and are normally cream or white.Roof Style: Gabled RoofLikes: the tall columns and ranch style look to it.Dislikes: there are a ton of windows to clean, the house is too "box-like".Victorian/Queen Anne:Defined by: Box like structure, it is A-symmetrical, turrettes, wrap-around porches, antique looking, and tall ceilings.Roof Style: Gabled RoofLikes: I really like the look of the towers on the house and the wrap around porch, the antique look is really pretty to look at.Dislikes: I think a downfall of this house would be all the tiny details that would collect dust and need to be cleaned. Bungalow:Defined by: Usually one story, pitched roof, large front porch, open floor plan, it is a more suburban type home.Roof Style: Gabled Roof Likes: This house is more modern and I like the look of it, it looks like a cute little home.Dislikes: I don't like how the house is so small, it would be a good starter home but not a good home for a large family.Prairie:Defined by: Simple, modern, wide porches, it is two stories, low-pitched roofsRoof Style: Flat, with 90 degree anglesLikes: I like the modern feel of this home and how it is meant to be a nature style of home.Dislikes: I dont like the multiple windows everywhere, it isn't a very private home.Tudor:Defined by: Cream/white, decorative wood, chimneys, tall narrow windows, stonework around the fireplace.Roof Style: Gabled RoofLikes: I like the wood details on the front of the home, it makes it look english country style.Dislikes: I dont like how plain the colors are, it is boring to look at. Spanish Mission:Defined by: Arches, front gates, stone and cement, neutral colors, orange colored shinglesRoof Style: Flat roof with arches at the front for detail.Likes: I like how different the home looks, it is unique and historical looking.Dislikes: I don't like how flat it is, it would be a long lay out.My favorite style of home after looking through these would be more of a Greek Revival style home, I am drawn to the columns and the large wrap-around porches. I like the home to be wider rather than have depth though.

Housing Styles

The different styles in homes.

Greek Revival


Victorian/Queen Anne

Spanish Mission




Kaitlyn HancockP. 3AOct. 4, 2013

Tudor: 1550-1603Spanish Mission: 1700-1800Greek Revival: 1820-1865Chateauesque: 1860-1910Queen Anne: 1880-1910Bungalow: 1900-1930Prairie: 1908-1920


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