Housing in singapore

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Housing in singapore

housing in singapore(part 1)

Singapore has a successful public housing programme.In 2007,81% of singaporeans and permanent residents lived in Housing Development Board(HDB) flats as compared to 9% in 1960.

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This is a pie chart of the percentage of resident households by types of housing in singapore,2005

Though land reclaimation projects by HDB started in the mid 1960s,Singapore still has very little land.According to the Singapore Department of statistics,the population of Singapore in 2006 was about 4.5 million whilt the total land area was 699km square.Besides having to set aside sufficient land for homes, the government has to allocate land for industries, infrastructure, water catchment, military needs and recreation. Thus, careful planning in making the best use of land resources is necessary to cope with land scarcity.

In 1927, the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) was formed by the British colonial government. The SIT wanted to reduce the shortage of housing in Singapore by building low-rise flats. However, it was not able to build flats fast enough for the rapidly growing population at that time. As a result, people built houses without permission from the government. This gave rise to the growth of squatter areas and slums.

Housing in the Past


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