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Cavemen House Back in the B.C. days, cavemen lived in exotic caves for shether and protection.

The Evolution Of Our Modern Habitats: Houses!Most houses come in all shapes, colors, sizes, styles and architectual features. But let's take a different look at some houses that's been used for billions of years and what the future of houses will evolve to. Home Sweet Home!

Medieval Castle Around 1000 to 1550 A.D., castles were made for homes around Europe. Castles were made for a variety of purposes such as monarchs, vampires,haunted castles, and recreational purposes. Castles were a habitat during medieval times and are still being used countries such as Britain, Ireland and England.

Stone Age House These handmade houses were constucted with clay, rocks, stones, sticks, branches and timber to structure and essemble a tent-like shether.

Roman Times House Throughout the Roman Empire, Roman Houses were constucted in ancient Rome.They been around for 2,000 years. These houses have courtyards dining rooms and bedrooms. These houses belonged to the wealthy Roman people.

Historical House In the historic times, people lived in all kinds of old vintage houses and mansions. There are English, Welsh, Scottish, Northen Irish and Canadian historic houses and there architectual style reflect on the environment and time these houses were built.

Modern House Today, houses were innovated and updated for architectual and estate purposes and come in many different rooms and ammenities. Houses also have updated technologies such as doorbells, fire alarms, and security monitors such as cameras. More people are always decorating and arranging their houses from home decor to home improvement. Also, there are estate people and realtors who promote all kinds of houses. Buying and renting houses has made people easier for them to live, but through it all, home is where the heart is!

SmartHouse Have you ever wondered what it like for your home to be controlled? Right now inventors are updating new techs for housekeeping. It's called Home Automation. It lets homes do all the automatic housework its self using internet connection and smartphones and digital devices. One day new houses will have the techical automation to do the lighting, turning on the computer, TV's and other electronics, turn on the kitchen appliances, do the opening of the doors, update the doorbell with built in monitoring and many other automatic housekeeping jobs. Soon, in the future, EVERY house will be later be called "Smarthouses", and every house will have new technological innovations for the houses to automate themselves.

Paleo House Also called "Brush Shelthers"these houses were constucted with poles and brush. Inside there used to be fire heaths for cooking and warmth.


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