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Chapter 1The Beach Sharehouse - 20/13 Old South Head Road 'I love playing with my dog, Jake,' I thought. 'But now I'm going to study at the University of Sydney and I'm going to live hours away from here, in the big city. How am I going to live without Jake?' I was in my room in the country town of Wagga Wagga, with my backpack on the bed in front of me. I slowly put my last shirt into my backpack, and then I was ready to leave for the train station. Just then, there was a phone call. Mum answered it. 'Chris, it's Aunty Marj on the phone,' she called. I didn't want to talk to Marj. 'Hello, Aunty,' I said when I got to the phone. 'Chrissy!' she cried. I don't like the name 'Chrissy'. That's a girl name. My name is 'Chris'. 'You're coming to Sydney, your mother says. You can come and live with me. I have two rooms, and I live near the university. What do you think?' 'Well, thanks, Aunty Marj, but I'm staying at a friend's house when I arrive,' I said quickly. It wasn't true. 'Can I call you next week?' 'Of course. I'm very excited about your visit.' I wasn't excited. I wanted to meet girls and go drinking in Sydney. I didn't want to visit my aunty. At the train station my mum cried when I said goodbye. 'Bye, mate. Don't forget to go to Bondi Beach. The beautiful girls all go there,' my big brother Mike said. I said goodbye to them and to my dog Jake. Then I got on the train. I was ready for my new life in Sydney. * Sydney was big! There were a lot more people there than in Wagga Wagga. I took a taxi to Bondi Beach. What a beautiful place! There were a lot of nice girls on the beach, too. I wanted to live there. I soon found a backpackers' by the beach for the night. The next morning, I began looking for my new home in Bondi. I bought a newspaper and looked at the ads, but the flats in Bondi were very expensive. I needed a sharehouse. I soon found an interesting ad. It said: NEAR THE BEACH, 2 young guys with a sharehouse are looking for a third guy. $120 a week, call Josh on 9392 4979I rang the number at once. 'Hi mate,' I said. 'I saw your ad in the newspaper. I'm looking for a sharehouse. My name's Chris.' 'Hello. I'm Josh. Well, you can move in here with Adi and me at 20/13 Old South Head Road.' So I went to meet Josh and Adi. Their flar was really nice. They had a big television in front of the room, and they were nice guys, too. 'I'm going to study at the university,9 I said. 'Are you students?' 'No, mate,' smiled Josh. 'We work... sometimes.' 'But not often,' laughed Adi. 'We like surfing, meeting girls, and drinking with our friends.' Josh and Adi gave me the biggest room. From my window I could see the beach. That night, Josh, Adi, and I went out to a pub. I met lots of their friends and drank lots of beer. At the pub Josh talked quietly with one of his friends, Rodney. 'Can you do some work for me later tonight?' asked Rodney. 'What are you talking about?' I asked. 'Oh, nothing mate,' said Josh. We all had a good nicght, I think. Josh, Adi and I left the pub and went back to the sharehouse very late. I went to bed at once, and I don't remember very much of the night because of all the beer. The next morning I was in bed when I heard a noise at the front door. Someone knocked again and again, and two people called, 'Hello there! Open up!' The noise didn't stop, so I went to the front door and opened it. It was the polica! 'Are Joshua Warnick or Adrian Hughes in here?' on of the police officers ask me. 'Yes, they are,' I said, 'Come in.' Josh and Adi came out and spoke to the police. I went quickly back to my room. I sat next to my door and listened. 'Are you boys stealing things again?' one of the police officers asked. 'Of course not,' Josh answered. 'Stealing?' I thought. 'No, that can't be true. Josh and Adi are nice guys.' But then I thought again, 'Wait a minute. At the pub Rodney and Josh talked about doing some work later that night. Oh, no! Josha and Ari aren't nice guys. They're stealing things from people's houses.' 'We'd like to look through your flat,' one of the police officers said. 'Do you have a search warrant?' Josh asked. 'Yes, we do,' the police officer said. 'Wait here.' The police wemt to Josh's and Adi's rooms. Then one of the officers came into my room. He looked under the bed, here and there, he went out again. I went after him into the front room. 'What's happening?' I asked. The police stood with bags in their hands. In the bags there were expensive watches, mobile phones and money. I looked at Josh and Adi. 'Sorry, mate,' said Josh. The he spoke to the police. 'Chris is new in Sydney. He moved in with us yesterday,' he said. 'He knows nothing about all this.' So the police took Josh and Adi away in the police car. And because I didn't have the money to live there alone, that was the end of the sharehouse in Old South Head Road. Where could I live now?To be continued...


Chris leaves his home in a small town in Australia to go and study at the university of Sydney. He needs to find somewhere to live.But it's not easyto find a house to share in a big city. Every house has its problems, and not all of Chris's housemates are easy to live with. In fact, some of them are very difficult people!Can Chris find the house that he needs with housemates that he can live with?

by Alison Watts

Vocabularyad: short for advertisement; you pay to put this in a newspaperalone: with nobodyaunty: an informal word for your mother's (or father's) sisterbackpack: a bag that you wear on your backbackpackers: informal word for a cheap little hotelflat: a number of rooms in a house where someone livesguy: man or person (informal)knock: to hit stronglymate: friendmobile phone: a phone that you can carry with youpub: a building where people go to have a drinksearch warrant: a paper that the police need before they can look for things in someone's housesharehouse: a flat where two or more people can live cheaplysteal (past stole): to take something without askinguniversity: people study here after they finish school

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