Household Inventions

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Household Inventions

Washing Machine 2

Engineer Cecil Booth invented the first dish washer in 1901. It was so large it was carried around on a cart by a horse. Scientist Percy L. Spencer discovered radar equiptment would cook food and used it to invent the first microwave! The first household appliance was the refrigerator in 1913. The knife and fork date back to prehistoric times! The Knife was invented before the fork!

Washing Machine 1

Air Condition



Household Inventions from Toilets to Toasters

Wow! Have I learned a ton about Household Inventions! At times we take for granted all the appliances we use today, like the washing machine. I would not have wanted live back before 1908 when the washing machine was invented. I also could not believe that some smoke detectors can be programed to call a child's name because children sleep more deeply than adults and are more likely to wake up to the sound of their name! This book really made me think about how inventions change our daily lives and make things simpler!

Thomas Jefferson invented the first wooden hanger! Now, we have metal and plastic hangers.

engineer : a person who designs and builds things

imported: brought in from another country

It took 200 years after the invention of the knife for the fork to be invented. I figured it would have been invented sooner.

The first fire alarm sounded when the temperture went high enough to melt a block of butter within the device. I wonder what the looked like?

Check out some weird home inventions!

This book should really add the telephone! Coolest Invention!


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