House Rules

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House Rules

Jacob Hunt is an 18-year-old boy with Autism, who does everything to try to lead a socially normal life. Jacob, his mother and brother, live a life driven by routine. There are 5 “house rules” that create order in their household, and must never be broken. Jacob has a fixation on a particular subject, forensic science: Jacob perseverates on forensic science, watching crime television shows and setting up fake crime scenes in his house. Jacob was given a police scanner, which he listens to constantly. Jacob was fond of sneaking out of the house to show up to the crime scenes, where he would give the police his advice on what had happened. The main event of the story occurs when Jacob’s social skills tutor, Jess, is found dead; where Jacob immediately showed up at the crime scene when heard over the radio. Ultimately, Jacob is arrested and charged with murder of Jess. Jacob has to stand trial to prove his innocence, which is a difficult, anxiety-ridden task for Jacob due to his autism. Jacob states that he did everything in accordance with the house rule to take care of his brother.

The novel switches narrators- each and every situation is descrbied from various perspectives. This gives a uniqueness in order to better understand Jacobs Autism.JacobThe Mother (Emma)The Brother (Theo)

Perspective isKEY

HouseRulesJodi Picoult


1)clean up your own messes2)tell the truth3)brush your teeth4) don’t be late for school 5) take care of your brother

House Rules- to NEVER be broken

ReviewOverall, “House Rules” is an exceptional novel that depicts accurate facts regarding ASD and the impact it has on families. “House Rules” delves into what it means to be different in today’s society and the affect it has. The research that was done by Picoult prior to writing this book makes it an accurate depiction of many facts and controversies of ASD. Not only does the novel go into details and the affects of symptoms and social deficits of ASD, it discusses the controversy that lie behind vaccinations and ASD. Additionally, it highlights the importance and necessity of communication skills in order to lead a successful life. There can be much knowledge of ASD gained from this novel.

This novel depicts many of the symptoms that manfiest themselves in children with Autism.- Routines- Habits-Tantrums-Communication Issues-Anxiety-Sensory Issues


Lessons Learned


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