House On Mango Street

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House On Mango Street

House On Mango Street

“There is no front yard, only four little elms in the city planted by the curb"( Cisneros 4). “Out back is a small garage for the car we don’t own yet and a small yard that looks smaller between the two buildings on either side"(Cisneros 4).

Esperanza's house is, red, small, tight steps, with small window, crumbling bricks,swollen door becuase in the passage it says:"It’s small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you’d think they were holding their breath. Bricks crumbling in places, and the front door is so swollen you have to push hard to get in"(Cisneros 4).Eperanza lives at 4006 Mango StreetWho Can Be Found Here: Esperanza and her family.

Cathy's house, that she used to live in, is now where Meme Ortiz and her family lives. It's a wooden house, with slanted floors, twenty-one wooden steps to the front door, and there is a dirt backyard that has wooden boards lying there from when there used to be a garage. Also, there is a huge tree in the backyard where the kids held their first Tarzan Jumping Contest and Meme broke both arms.Who Can Be Found Here: Cathy and her family , Meme Ortiz and his family, and Louie and his family.

“But you remember the most is this tree, huge, with fat arms and mighty families of squrrels in the higher branches"(Cisneros 22).“This is the tree we chose for the First Annual Tarzan Jumping Contest. Meme won. And broke both arms" (Cinseros 22).

“Cathy’s father built the house Meme moved into. It is wooden"( Cisneros 21).“Inside the floors are slanted"( Cisneros 21).“Out front there are twenty-one wooden steps..." ( Cisneros 21- 22).“Around back is the backyard, mostly dirt, and a greasy bunch of boards that used to be a garage”(Cisneros 22).“ Down stairs from Meme’s is a basement that Meme’s mother fixed up and rented to a Puerto Rican family. Louise’s family"(Cisneros 23).

By: Sean Fox, Chris Cappelli, and Patrick Magdalinski

At the school, Esperanza tells the nun she had a note to eat at school, yet the head nun does not like this and Esperaza cries because she doesn't want to point at her poor and ugly house.“ You don’t live far, she says. You live across the boulevard. That’s only four blocks away from the school." (Cisneros 45).Who Can Be Found Here: Esperanza , Lucy, and the Nuns.



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