House of Hades

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House of Hades

Percy and Anabeth have just fallen into Taturos and also Camp Half-blood and the roman camp are at war. Gea is about to rise. It is up to Nico,Jason,Leo,Piperand Hazel to save the camps, get their friends and stop Gea from waking.


Percy- PoseidonAnabeth-AthenaNico-HadesJason-Zues

Percy is the son of Poseidon and being so he has the power to control the water and also let the water heal him. Percy's girlfriend is Anabeth and they have been together for a long time.Anabeth is the daughter of Athena so basically is very smart. She loves architecture. Her boyfriend is Percy and she has a name for him "Seaweed Brain".


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every day that goes by the closer I feel to death.


I have never felt more lonely than when Percy left me.-Calypso

Through all the monsters I killed I never felt their pain until now-Percy

Poseidon spear

The House of Hades

Zues Lightning


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    you are like my best friend now!

  • shms56 8 years ago

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    Minor spelling and conjugation errors...and a little bit of repetition. But aside from that, good job. It's always a pleasure to run in to a fellow Percy Jackson fan.