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Hound Dog True

Hound Dog TrueB

ConflictMattie Breen, a shy 5th grader, moves to a new school and is worried sick over starting over.again. She hatches a plan to be her Uncle Potluck's custodial apprentice to avoid the most apprehensive times of the day, lucnch and recess. She writed down everything she learns about custodianship in her notebook.

SettingThe story has several settings. Most of the book takes place at Mitchel P. Anderson elementary school or Uncle Potluck's home.

ClimaxJust as a friendship develops between Mattie and Quincy Sweet, Uncle Potluck's neighbor's niece, Mattie finds her journal open on her bed and immediatly thinks that Quincy is the culprit. ResolutionMattie learns that it was actually her mom that had seen her journal. Quincy helps her realize writing as her special talent and she enters 5th grade with more confidence then she has ever had in the past.

Protagonist: Mattie BreenA bright ten year old girl who is Uncle Potluck's custodial apprentice. She has a hard time trusting anyone enough to make friends. She struggles to find a place she belongs, which is why she is most comfortable with Uncle Potluck as his apprentice.

"It was huge, the cafeteria was, with yellow tables jacknifed and pushed along the walls. Fifteen tables. Maybe thirty seats each. Is four hundred thirty seats. Mattie writes in her notebook. Four hundredy fifty seats. Seems like that would be enough so everyone has a place, but Mattie knows different. Knows There could be a thousand seats and still you might not find the place you belong."

Supporting Character: Quincy SweetA slightly older "teenage girl." She is visiting her aunt, Uncle Potluck's neighbor. She is very confident, something Mattie wishes she had. "Quincy had a way of talking- flat and dull, like stones dropping plunk, plunk, in a puddle. Matter-of-fact mama called it."

By Linda Urban

Point of View: Third PersonGenre:Realistic Fiction

Supporting Character: Uncle PotluckHe is the janitor at Mitchel P. Anderson elementary. Mattie and her mama move in with him to help him recover from knee surgery. He provides Mattie with "Custodial Wisdom" that Mattie uses to help her face her fears. "You can't be brave without scared.""Fix thing before they get to big for fixing." "Could be one is all you need."

ThemeThere are many themes that emege from this book. Readers will learn about friendship and courage. It only took Mattie to do "one small brave thing" for her to begin to open up and allow for Quincy to be her friend. It was that action that gave her allowed for her to enter 5th grade with more confiedence in herself. She introduced herself as a writer.


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