Hotline Treaty

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Hotline Treaty

Summary of the TreatyOn June 20, 1963 the United States and the Soviet Union signed the "memorandum of understanding betweent the USA and USSR regarding the establishment of a Direct Communications Link," also known as the hotline agreenment, which was designed to help speed up communications between the two governments and prevent the possibility of accidental nuclear war.

Hotline Treaty

Ratified: 1963

Purpose:Ensured quick & reliable communication between the heads of government of nuclear-weapons states.

Background:In 1961, the U.S. proposed a group of measure to reduce the risks of war which included advance notification of military movements and maneuvers.

Historical Events Occuring at the same time: Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (1963) and The Soviet draft Treaty on general and complete disarmament (March 15, 1962)

Levels of Participant Compliance:-both sides agreed its better to keep peace and avoid war-the first message sent by U.S. on August 30, 1963-Hotline used in 1967 to prevent a misunderstanding in the mediterranean-used again in 1973 during the Arab-Israeli; the US nuclear alert implementation challenge. There were no real complications like fear of communicating with the enemy.

Reaction to the Legislation:Highly recommended and praised because of the quick and reliable emergency communication. Critisized by the republican party in 1964 national platform -- unsignificant opinion.


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