Hot and Dry Desert

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Hot and Dry Desert

Hot and Dry Desert

4 Interesting facts:1. A hot and dry desert receives less than 10 inches of rain per year.2. A behavior of an animal in the hot and dry desert is hunting at night and sleeping in the day, which is called being nocturnal.

3. The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world, it covers 3,500,000 sqaure miles of land.4. Hot and dry deserts are classified as such based on the anual amount of rainfall.

Location:My biome is located in North America, Southern Asia, South and Central America, Africa, and Australia.

Temperature:Average: 20-25 Degrees Celcius High: 43.5-49 Degrees CelciusLow: -18 Degrees Celcius

Precipitation:Rain, under 15 cm per year.

Flora:Ground hugging shrubs,Short woody trees,cacti, andPrickly pears

Fauna:Kangaroo rat,Coyote,Jack rabbit,and Lizards.

Adaptations:To be able to go long periods of time without water.Also being able to survive the heat.


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