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HorsesIn The Medieval Times

Destrier- This was a very well-bred and highly trained stallion used as a tournament or war horse. The closest thing that we would have today would be a very well trained dressage horse. The Destrier horse was very expensive and very rare in the middle ages.

Palfrey- This is also a well bred horse and was used for general every day riding, for war and for travel. These horses were often gaited. If you were an everyday person in the middle ages this is most likely the horse that you would have. This horse was also called Jennets or Jenet.

Rouncy- These were common grade horses that were generally used for farm work or sometimes general riding. They were of no particular breed or skill apart from the fact that they were very reliable when it came to getting from place to place. These horses did all of the heavy lifting around the farm. They were also called Hackneys. Just like a modern day Hack Horse they were very bulky and strong.

Courser- This was the most common type of horse used for warfare in the middle ages. These were steady, long winded horses that were not as well trained or carefully bred as the Destrier but in saying this they weren’t too expensive either. Now days we would call them endurance horses, hunters or ranch horses.


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