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The horse sybolizes power, and wisdom

The horse symbolizes wind or speed

It also symbolizes beauty

In China, the horse symbolizes love, endurance, and devotion


Today's Culture:In The Bible:The horse is used as a symbol of intelligence.Sport Teams:The horse is a symbol of victory or destruction. Often used as a mascott for schools or teams. Sun, Moon, Water:Sometimes the horse is a symbol for the sun, moon and water.Writing/Books:In many books, authors use horses for an example of grace, beauty, power, or freedom.


The trojan horse

The Horse and Buggy


The trojan horse was a gift for the trojans from the greeks. The trojans then brought the horse into the city not knowing there was a whole army inside. The greeks pretended to sail away and in the middle of the night the greeks crept out of the horse and lit the whole city on fire and killed most of the trojans.

The horse and buggy was used as transportation for everyday life in the 17-1900's

A TV show my parents used to watch about a talking horse named Ed.

This is a famous race horse that won a race, breaking the world record.

Horsebackriding:The art of keeping the horse between you and the ground.

Horseback riding is the only sport where your equipment can decide not to cooperate with you.

Raw fingers, Sore jointsHands up, Heels down, Chin upRight diagonal? Right lead?Look Ahead, Get it Right!Never underestimate yourself on your horse...IT'S A PASSION!!!


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