[2015] Melissa G: Horse Slaughter

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[2015] Melissa G: Horse Slaughter

Horse Slaughter

It is horrible to think that when these horses are sent to these slaughter houses, they are killed, and their meat is packaged and sent all over the globe. Most americans see horses as pets, and find it repulsive to eat horse meat. People in Europe, enjoy horse meat, but horse meat is not the safest meat to eat. At the slaughter houses, they feed the horses drugs which gets transferred to the meat. Hence, when they are killed, those drugs are in their bodies and therefore, the meat. There was even a ban on Mexican horse meat because inspectors found Ractophine, a drug, in the horse meat. All in all, it is bad to eat horse meat.

When horses are going to slaughter, they are shipped to slaughter houses. These slaughter houses are horrible places, and offer only a few, dangerous jobs. The horror that is the slaughter house is not only bad for horses, but bad for the enviornment. These houses pollute the local water, and fill the air with a nasty smell. Most people do not want to live near these houses because of this bad smell and because horse slaughter is horrible. One slaughter house killed and processed more than 90,000 horses. These houses are bad for business, and bad for horses.

Slaughter Houses

While the slaughter house is a horrible place, transportation to the slaughter house is horrible too. The horses are put in trucks meant for cattle, and all different breeds are put together causing fights. These fights lead to injured horses. To save on transportation, the people who ship the horses, put as many horses as they can in the cattle truck. As mentioned before, since there are so many horses, they fight. This is a horrible way to treat horses. Most people think that since they are already going to slaughter, it doesn't matter if they are hurt, but it does. Overall, the road to slaughter is almost as horrible as slaughter itself.

Most Americans think that horse slaughter is horrible, and want to put a stop to it. The thing we need to put a stop to it is a law. The United States has a law that states that horse slaughter is illegal in our counrty. Unlike Americans, most European countries consider horse meat a delicacy. A federal law is needed so slaughter houses don't just move to a different state where the law is weaker. We also need a federal law that says we can't ship horses to other countries to be slaughtered. These laws could save a horses life. We need to make sure that horse slaughter stays banned in the United States.

Horse Meat

The Road to Slaughter

By Melissa Gallic

Banning Horse slaughter

This picture shows the different parts of the horse people eat.

This is a picture of horsemeat.


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