Horse Evolution

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Horse Evolution

Horse Evolution

60 million years ago



40 Million years ago


36 Million years ago



20 Million years ago

15 million years ago

4 million years ago


The eohippus was a smaller horse about 10 to 20 inches tall. It was nicknamed the Dawn Horse because of the light brown skin and white spots on its back just like a dawn.

The miohippus had a larger skull and still three toes on its feet just as its ancestor the mesohippus. The white spots still remained on their coats'.

A pliohippus looked exactly like a zodonkey with a donkey body and zebra like prints on its rear end. Yes, this ancestor had evoled to have only one hoof per foot.

Finally, the equus is the horse we have today. As many of you know it has one hoof per foot and has a big magestic looking body and neck. It has a beautiful mane and is able to be domestic as well as wild.

Now the three toes were fading away into one hoof, and the baby deer like spots turned into zebra like stripes, this ancestor looked more like a full grown donkey with a wide face and partially three hooves.

The mesohippus was a larger more evolved than the eohippus; the feet had three toes and it measured at about 24 inches. It no longer looked like a Dawn; it looked more like a smaller donkey mixed with a ant eater that had three toes.

By: Aysia Berry


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