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Social Studies

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horror Timeline





Horror Timeline





In the earliest horror movies they used to be silent short films as the technology wasn't that advanced. Though it did introduce the aspect of the unknown. Like 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

Technologically horror films have advanced to the point that sound is introduced so as to create suspense. For example 'dracula'. As well as creates narratives for revenge and violence.

It was the start of the horror genre, taking on sub genres which seemed more terrifying as it focused on social anxieties of the time, like the cold war. So narratives like apocalyptic/ nuclear and alien scenarios were popular.

So now colour movies have started to appear and it enhances the horror aspect as you can show symbolism with it. Also since it's in colour a lot of movies were catagorised as slasher films that uses psychological features to show that instead of monsters scaring people it could also be a person as well. For example 'Pscho' and the use of Levi Strauss' binary oposition theory.

It introduced 'production code' so the films can be set apart and identified from tv series. Leading on from the trends of the late 60s, more occult and supernatural movies began being made with teenagers playing the role as social issues were changing and who the marketing for horror movies were aimed at as well. For instance the main place 'Carrie' takes place is a high school.

As the generations of people started to become desensitised to blood and gore the demand for more creative and daring slasher movies were on the rise, which ment reusing past examples like the fear of the unknown and abnormalities. For example 'The thing' which even in the title separtes the normal from the paranormal.

Then again we revisited Psychological horror types as to show distrust of people and play on the idea of paranoia. Also reintroducing the unknown through different versions of vampire movies,'interview with a vampire'. Playing on social worries isn't new however linking them as real world horrors into the narrative made even more frightening. also since technology has developed alot more, new directors were able to start making their own films and promoting them alot better.

Also in the 90's they started making a new sub genre-parodies like 'scream', as most storylines of the narrative became almost predictable. In the 2000's the cycle of horror films repeated past examples in the narrative and conventions used, like setting usually at night or isolated somewhere. A lot of classics were being remade to emphasis the grotesqueness and gore mostly due to advances yet again, in technology which allowed special effects like lightning. For instance in 'paranormal activities'.



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