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Horror Movie Report

The Grear Society started when Lyndon Johnson became president. He raised minimum wage. Also programs to train poorer Americans for better jobs. He also programmed for adequate housing. Then he set up Department of Housing and Urban Development. Try to improve employment opportunities for minorities and women. Also tried to Include people with disabilities and elderly. Helped improve education opportunities for minorities and women. Which also included people with disabilities and elderly

Japan laid off over a million workers. The amount of workers were women. They were the last to be hired and the first to be fired. Many women's were losing their job because they were females. Is agreed that females should be replaced with male workers. Later on when men came home from the war, the women were so relieved that they did "it."

The Great Society started when Lyndon became president. He raise the minimum wage. Also he trained Americans for better jobs.mHe set up programs for adequate housing. He also set up Department of Housing and Urban Department.

Lyndon B. Johnson


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